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Color Sealing

Color Sealing

Professional Color Sealing Services
Across Dallas, Frisco, & Neighboring Areas

If you’ve heard of the relatively new color sealing that more and more people around Dallas, Frisco, and neighboring areas are getting, then you might want to reconsider before pulling the trigger ion your own grout. While color sealing does provide a multitude of benefits for your tile and grout floors and surfaces, it’s better left to professionals like Wize Choice Tile Restoration LLC. We have years of training and field experience, as well as access to sophisticated sealants and tools to guarantee top quality results for any color sealing project every. single. time.

What You Need To Know About Color Sealing

Color sealing is a fairly new feature in tile work where specialist color sealants are applied to grout. Unbeknownst to many, color sealing is not just cosmetic, but also serves a lot of function. Given that grout is not the best at repelling stains, it becomes a problem for most property owners across Dallas. Even with the regular tile and grout cleaning, these stains can sometimes become a drag when they end up being permanent. That’s where color sealing comes into play. Not only does it match the color with the rest of the grout work, but it also adds a layer of protection against liquid-based stains, effectively eliminating the need to have it cleaned (possibly even aggressively).

Color Sealing

Should You Go DIY?

One thing that people tend to do when it comes to color sealing though is to go DIY. While it does seem to be a simple painting task, the reality of it is anything but. In fact, the material and color sealant itself is not that accessible, especially the ones that actually have the good coating properties. Most of the ones you see in the local hardware store may be able to do the job, but not to the point that you don’t have to redo the entire color sealing process in a couple of months or so. Professional color sealing is therefore a must, as it ensures the right materials are used on the project, and guarantee proper application on your grout. This gives you the peace of mind and financial advantage knowing that the material used is not just paint, and the color sealant is applied for optimal function and appeal.

Color Sealing

More About Our Color Sealing Service

Wize Choice Tile Restoration LLC provides only the best in color sealing solutions across Dallas, Frisco, and nearby areas. With decades of professional experience back in the west coast, we have taken this seemingly simple step into an art form, meticulously applying the proper methods and sealants, and ensuring that the project is accomplished right the first time around. Our trained professionals have access to the best and most sophisticated color sealers otherwise not available in the local hardware store so you’re guaranteed that what we place on your grout stays there for years to come.

It may sound easy enough, but color sealing is definitely something you want leave to professionals. Don’t think twice, partner with us today and let’s effectively color seal your grout without you having to stress about it or worry about the unnecessary costs.

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Wize Choice Tile Restoration LLC delivers color sealing services at highly affordable rates and unrivaled professionalism. For more information, feel free to give us a call to set up an appointment or inquire about our other services. Our staff is more than willing to assist you with any and all of your floor cleaning, tile repair, and color sealing needs. We operate across Dallas, Frisco, and its neighboring areas. If you happen to live in these areas, make sure to partner with us today!