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Before and After Tile Cleaning in Dallas, Texas

Have you ever seen stubborn grout molds and stains go away so effortlessly? Have you ever succeeded in making your good old tiles spick and span with just one swift stroke of a microfiber mop, brush, or rugs? One thing’s for sure: none of those are as good as how we do our job. So, say hello to the highest quality services for grout cleaning in Dallas, Texas.

Wize Choice Tile Restoration LLC takes pride in how we provide excellent services for our clients. From tile cleaning, color sealing, grout recoloring solutions, and grout repair in Dallas, Texas, we make it convenient for you through our fast and effective cleaning process that includes the utilization of a specially developed pre-treatment solution and high-pressure hot water rinsing. We pair this with the most efficient materials like the GROUT HOG grout scrubber to make quick work of the job.

So if you think your tiles are already clean and your grout is mold-free, or if you feel you’ve succeeded in cleaning your floor at a really fast pace, well, think again! We at Wize Choice Tile Restoration LLC can do all those things better than anyone! And what’s the best way to prove ourselves but to show you our past works and how we transformed messy and unsightly surfaces into something beautiful.

Check out our compilation below to see our successful operations, as well as the highly efficient products we use. Give us a call today!

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