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COVID 19 Fogging and Disinfecting

COVID 19 Fogging and Disinfecting

Professional COVID-19 Fogging and Disinfection Service
Across Dallas, Frisco, & Neighboring Areas

The ongoing pandemic has forced home and business owners alike to adopt a new way of cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting the surfaces of their properties. It has been confirmed that this virus can easily spread from one individual to another through close contact and one of the most common ways of being exposed is by interacting with communal surfaces such as countertops, doors, couches, and even the walls. With that in mind, the need for COVID-19 fogging and disinfection service has now become a must for every property across Dallas, Frisco, and its neighboring communities.


Wize Choice Tile Restoration LLC understands that not all home and business owners have the luxury of time to clean their entire property. And that’s why we’re delivering fast and efficient COVID-19 fogging and disinfection services across Dallas, Frisco and surrounding cities. We utilize highly specialized cleaning solutions and personal protective equipment to make sure that we don’t contaminate your property’s surfaces while doing the process.

Our team of experts have extensive experience when it comes to implementing proper sanitation procedures, as well as disinfecting the common areas where germs and bacteria accumulate the most. We’ve developed a standard way of conducting our COVID-19 fogging and disinfection service by making sure that every nook and cranny in your property are well taken care of. We make it a point not to leave your place without conducting a thorough inspection after our service.

We’re providing COVID-19 fogging and disinfection service for all properties across Dallas, Frisco, and it’s surrounding areas, which include:

Commercial Establishments

For all business offices, it’s highly important to have them cleaned and sanitized by a team of experts such as Wize Choice Tile Restoration LLC. May it be a one-floor office or an entire building, the amount of effort that we put in for our COVD-19 fogging and disinfection service is always the same. We only have one goal in mind: to give you security knowing that your workplace is safe from any viruses and bacteria that may pose a threat to your health.

Commercial Establishments

Residential Properties

With the threat of the pandemic, it has become a part of our routine to keep our homes as santitized as possible to make sure that no contaminants will harm our family’s health. And since it has been proven that the virus can easily spread, it is a definite must to clean all surfaces, including the walls of your home. With our COVID-19 fogging and disinfection service, we ensure to keep every house in Dallas and Frisco as clean and sanitized as possible. Through our process and materials, you are guaranteed to have a virus-free residence.

Reliable COVID-19 Fogging & Disinfection Service
Across Dallas, Frisco and Nearby Areas

We aim to provide you with excellent COVID-19 fogging and disinfection service through our meticulous process and keen attention to detail, especially in public facilities inside your office and even your home. Wize Choice Tile Restoration LLC is aware of the amount of germs and bacteria that can accumulate at the end of the day, which is why we use only the most effective disinfectants in the market to properly eliminate all the contaminants in your property.

Get in touch with us today for residential and commercial COVID-19 fogging and disinfection service across Dallas, Frisco or even in neighboring cities and we’ll schedule an appointment at your most convenient time. Tell us your inquiries via our Contact page and you can also check out our website for the other cleaning services that we provide.