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Wize Choice Tile and Grout Cleaning FAQs

What is Grout Stain?

Grout Stain (also known as Grout Colorant, Grout Paint, or Grout Dye) can be used to re-color, refresh, and seal the grout. It is an excellent alternative to re-grouting an entire tile floor.

Why should I go for Grout Staining, Sealing, & Recoloring?

Color Sealing greatly reduces the maintenance required to keep tile and grout floors looking clean and fresh while providing the highest degree of stain protection. You’ll definitely reap the benefits when you opt for grout staining, sealing, and recoloring.

Will my grout look painted if I go for recoloring?

Grout Stain will NOT leave your grout looking painted. Instead, it penetrates deep into the porous grout, which allows it to maintain its appearance.

How do you do it?

Day 1

Strip and Clean Grout (approximately 4-6 hours, preferably at night time)

Color Seal (after the Grout has dried up)

Day 2

Color Seal the Grout (approximately 2 hours)

Why is cleaning Grout so difficult?

Tile and grout floors have become quite popular over the years. Unfortunately, many believe that these floors are virtually maintenance-free, with the exception of occasional mopping. This is not the case.

Grout is a mixture of cement, water, and differently-sized aggregates, which results in a porous substance. Because of its structure, Grout contains microscopic pores that allow dirt to become trapped below the surface. This means that regular mopping is not enough to clean the floor thoroughly. As dirt continues to build up inside these pores, the grout would look more discolored and dirty every passing day.

The necessity of grout cleaning in Los Angeles County and nearby areas has frustrated many homeowners, builders, and contractors. After all, the cleanliness of the floor directly reflects on the appearance of the grout, as well as on the individual maintaining it.

What are my options for Grout Cleaning?

Essentially, a sealed floor is a clean one. Grout Sealing keeps dirt and contaminants away from the sealer, tile, and grout joints. As time and traffic levels dictate, floor finishes and waxes are made to be removed and reapplied.

Neutral cleaners, which have a neutral pH level of 7, are neither acidic nor alkaline. Certain wetting agents and detergents within them emulsify grease and oils. Neutral cleaners are recommended for regular cleaning, as they will not affect tile or grout. These can also be used as general “all-purpose” cleaners.

Cleaners which have a pH level of less than 7 are available in various types. However, acids do not clean. For years, muriatic acid has been used and recommended as a cleaner but is considered dangerous and can destroy and discolor grout joints, tile work, and finishes. Phosphoric and sulfuric acids are much more user-friendly and should only be considered if acid is necessary.

Grout needs to be sealed with an impregnating sealer. Most tile stores have professional sealers that can be used once the floor has been cleaned. Make sure that you refrain from using cheap and silicone-based sealers as they will not provide adequate protection. Conversely, silicone-based sealers will only trap dirt and contaminants inside the sealer, which makes grout cleaning virtually impossible.

After the sealer has been applied, DO NOT mop or apply any additional cleaners to your tile and grout floor.

How do we clean Tile and Grout?

Inspection of area and preparation of materials.

Pre-spray sections of the floor with our specially-developed tile and grout cleaning solution.

Agitate all wet tile surfaces through the use of a stiff brush and the Grout Hog.

Agitate all the grout lines using a specially-designed grout brush

Finish the cleaning process using our professional tile and grout cleaning tool. That dispenses water at a temperature of over 200 degrees, removing any dirt, grime, and deposits dislodged into the grout.

Seal the grout with a non-water-based sealer, spraying onto the tile and grout surface.

What else do you offer:

We provide:

All types of Stones, Tile, and Grout cleaning and repairs

Color Sealing

Professional pressure washing services

Exterior home cleaning services

Tile and Grout cleaning

Complete bathroom restoration, cleaning, moldicide, re-grouting

Kitchens makeovers through old grout removal, re-grout, and refresh it with a new look


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