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Tile & Grout Cleaning Or Repairs: When to Go For Either

Tile & Grout Cleaning Or Repairs: When to Go For Either

It’s a well-known fact that nothing truly lasts, especially for home fixtures and tile work. Eventually, tile and grout will lose its luster. But simple tile and grout cleaning is not always enough for your tile work. While the density of tile is hardy and withstands much more force and abuse compared to other floorings, it’s not sure fire. In fact, traditional signs might even be an indicator of an even bigger concern. In order to know if your tiled surface or flooring only needs cleaning or repairs or restorations, here are a few causes any property owner across Dallas or Frisco should look after.

Stained or Discolored Grout: This is the number one indicator that you need professional cleaning. When the porous materials start to absorb discoloring substances, it can be impossible to get it back to its original state. You can try mopping and scrubbing, although you might not see a big change. When this happens, it is a common mistake for homeowners to assume that they automatically need grout replacement. This is not always the case and can be avoided with a good deep cleaning. A professional will have access to high-end equipment and specialized cleaning solutions that you cannot get with home cleaning.

Tiles and Grout Have Lost its Shine and Appear Dull: A more obvious sign which can easily be seen is when your once fresh and brand new flooring starts to look dull over time.This can oftentimes be interpreted as something that cleaning can solve, but when the color of the tile or the grout itself looks faded, cleaning no longer works. This could mean the tile work itself has thinned and needs to be replaced. While it’s not always the case, consulting a professional tilke restoration contractor can help determine if the work involves recoloring and sealing or if the tiles are about to give up completely.

Stubborn and Recurring Molds in Grout Joints: Grout from the bathroom floor and your shower is susceptible to staining. Because of the warm and moist environment, it is not uncommon for bacteria, mildew, and molds to form. Mold can appear as black splotches along the grout lines. When this grows in your grout, it can often cause cracks and excess wear and tear on your sealants. This can open the possibility for moisture to get under the grout and lead to an array of serious problems. Deep cleaning can solve this issue, but if the problem occurs even with the absence of moisture, the problem might not be superficial and may be due to compromised tiles. When this happens, it is a clear sign that you need professional help.

Grout Has Not Been Sealed: Unfortunately, there are professional tile installers across Dallas and Frisco who fail to come back and seal your grout once it dries. Sealing grout is a very important step as it prevents absorption of undesirable materials which can cause staining. Properly sealed grout can last longer, it is easier to maintain, and it ensures the insulation of the grout from external liquid materials. It is recommended to have sealing once a year. If your grout has not been sealed or if the grout sealer has faded, do not have it cleaned. Ask for professional assistance before using water or other liquid cleaning agents since moisture will further damage your surface or flooring.

Your home is one of your biggest investments in life, which is why it is necessary to maintain it as much as possible. Make sure you understand what service you request before you tackle your tiled surfaces or floors. Oftentimes, cleaning will work, especially if the tiles and grout are maintained. but other times, you might need repairs or restoration work altogether. IF one would implement the wrong job, you might be wasting your time and your money. When in doubt, consult a professional tile restoration company.

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